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the “Angry Ride Home”
the “Losing Sucks Silence”
the “Ugly Cry” that goes on FOREVER!

Join the world’s first membership site for parents and their teen athletes.

Focused on improving peak performance and all things that lead to optimal sports performance,on and off the field.

Over 37,643 athletes, 7700+ privately coached athletes, 34 Olympians, 3 Olympic Teams, 1 Pan Pacific team, hundreds of collegiate athletes, dozens of Pro and Master athletes.

*PLUS, I answer the number one question I now get from parents of my privately coached athletes…

How the heck does my child market themselves to
college recruiters NOW??

Discover what frustrated parents and their teen athletes are doing to create consistently better sports performance and get noticed by college recruiters.

After helping 37,643 teen athletes compete at the college, Olympic, Semi-Pro and Pro/Masters levels, I’ve developed a system that works!

IF you and your athlete are...

This is for you if...

you know there is so much more for your teen in their sport,
and want to imagine them…

Starting on Varsity and/or high-level Club teams

Getting noticed by college recruiters
Go from Seen to Signed

Finding joy in playing, practicing and competing

Well then, you're in the right place

I'm so excited to share how the SportsBrain Global peak performance membership will give you the knowledge, tools, and guidance, you need to finally help your teen create amazing performance in their sport, and how to market themselves from "invisible to invincible" while
having more fun, freedom and creating fantastic memories.

it doesn't have to be that way

Imagine how it would feel to...

Say goodbye to not knowing the next steps …

The membership serves both parents and teen athletes.

Specific paths for both parents and teen athletes that give you step by step directions on how to go from invisible to invincible!  As I like to say “Learn how to go from getting seen to getting SIGNED!

Every Monday a video that excites, educates and elevates your teen’s performance in their sport and gives you more information on “how to” navigate the college bound journey


PDF’s, checklists, charts, expert interviews, college visit spreadsheets, college bound binder sections, the how, where, when, why and a little bit of WHAT???  The simple tools you both need to crush the chaos and bring order in a fun, systematic, powerful and peaceful process.

as i like to remind my athletes...

Cole catching Football

Train your body to play…

Train you mind to WIN!

This membership focuses on all things brain-related to maximize peak sports performance.

Plus the Parent Blueprint...
How to market your teen to college recruiters.

Get answers to questions like …

“My son hates eating breakfast before heading to the golf course. Any suggestions?”

“How do I get her to not be so disappointed in herself on the field when she doesn’t do as well as she thinks she should have done?”

“How do I help my child improve their self-confidence?”

Get tools to help you unlock:

Learn the secrets to peak performance from interviews with coaches and their high-performance athletes, who once were where you and your teen are today.

Get valuable insights from experts on peak performance in the areas of brain/gut/physiology so you can help develop the mindset your teen needs to make the most of their super powers.

Finally knowing what to do with a step-by-step plan for YOUR family – that is less than $1.23/day

I like to call this the H3 Membership 

I teach your teen how to keep their Head (results/thoughts/systems) their Heart (emotions/trust/truth) and their Hiney (the actions they choose to take) all in alignment.

What others say

The results speak for themselves...

2014-2019 - Track - Sarah H.
now ranked 11th Nationally

“When I started with KAZ I was skeptical of this type of coaching. I was a young elite track and field sprinter who had not been able to break 57sec in the 400m. I realized I had to take my training to the next level.

I realized that training my body was something I could easily do, but training my mind was something completely different. All I knew was how to work hard and never give up, but that by itself wasn’t exactly paying off.

So, despite my skepticism, KAZ became my coach. This has been one of the best decisions of my life. KAZ helped me understand myself and others. I know now how I can thrive, not only in my sport but in life.

I understand why I am the way I am, and that God created me for a specific purpose on and off the track. KAZ has the amazing ability to see us and our unique beauty, she then helps reveal this to us. Understanding yourself is the KEY that unlocks everything in our lives.

I can now say that I broke 57seconds in the 400m, I am confident in who I am, and see others in a whole new and beautiful way. Here’s to living your life on the next level!”

Mom of a baseballer and volleyballer – Tina J

“How do we begin to say thank you? You’ve seen us through the highs and lows with both our kids and you always know what to say or do. Your ability to understand what each of our teens needed over the past 3 years and were able to implement will be forever appreciated. And now we begin the college journey with two adults who have learned skills that will make them great collegiate athletes and even better people. Not to mention, talking us off the ledge a few times!”

canadian hockey player - will c.

“I would never be playing at such a high level of hockey if it wasn’t for everything you taught me. I noticed a difference within 1 week of using some of your tips. I was the top points scorer for my team this year because of it!”

mom of baseballer - dana e

“Nick has been working with KAZ for 4 months.  He is a major people pleasing, over achieving, introvert.  He is very smart and talented and everyone thinks so, except him.  He is very slow to warm up and let people into his circle.  But since he started working with KAZ, his teachers and coaches have both commented on the increased confidence and the willingness to share thoughts and ideas.  He calls or texts KAZ all the time now.  While we are always in his corner, the people pleaser in him struggles to talk to us in fear of disappointing.  I am so, so thankful that he has someone that he wants to talk to and is helping him see the kid we all see! “

“Nick has been working with KAZ for 4 months.  He is a major people pleasing, over achieving, introvert.  He is very smart and talented and everyone thinks so, except him.  He is very slow to warm up and let people into his circle.  But since he started working with KAZ, his teachers and coaches have both commented on the increased confidence and the willingness to share thoughts and ideas.  He calls or texts KAZ all the time now.  While we are always in his corner, the people pleaser in him struggles to talk to us in fear of disappointing.  I am so, so thankful that he has someone that he wants to talk to and is helping him see the kid we all see! “

You are either an influencer or being influenced
"the choice is ALWAYS yours!"

Here's what you get...

Take a quick tour of the membership below

Monday's Momentum

First Monday’s Video to help your athlete with peak performance – any topic that helps them with feeding their brain physically and mentally.

Second Monday’s Video to help parents that cover everything from creating great Brain Boosting recipes, communicating better as a family and answering any questions along the way on your college bound sports journey.

Third Monday is a FB live Q and A – for questions we receive that month, questions I’ve heard from my privately coached athletes and their parents, sometimes we’ll have mini coaching sessions and panel discussions on topics of interest. Always recorded.

Fourth Monday’s Video is a fave of mine.  It’s a video on too cool tools – stuff you may not know exists.  Products, services, supplements to better your brain and your teen’s brain, reducing stress, recovering from injuries, renewing minds, doing well in school, amazing book reviews and anything that will help you on your college bound journey.

Fifth Monday’s Video (when it occurs) When there is a Fifth Monday that will be a
special Monday video such as an interview with a special guest, athlete, brain specialist or
genius in the field of athletics, health, brain research,

and more…

Amazing Libraries

Resources Library

Including recipes, cooking videos (Cookin’ with KAZ), pdf’s, checklists, theme of the month, audio book club (Bookin’ with KAZ) college bound binder stuff, college visit spreadsheets, blueprint for success, ideas to improve mindset, communication, stress release, overcoming anger, how to make good decisions, leadership and so much more – 36+ years of helping parents and teen athletes – DO BETTER, BE BETTER, LIVE BETTER
Interview Library

Interviews from the best of the best sharing their worst of the worst moments, what to avoid, how to change your mindset, how to avoid the False Promises, the getting benched for no reason, and pearls of wisdom from college, pro, semi pro, Olympic and Masters coaches and athletes who lived it, learned how to love it and learned from it every step.

Questions Answered and an Active Facebook Group

FAQ Section
Video answers, audio answers,  written answers/cheat sheets

This is a community to share the good stuff that works and ask for help with everything else is not seeming to work.

Plus Much More...

✔️Mini Coaching Sessions

✔️Discounts on everything I sell – forever, as long as you are a member

✔️Did I mention…

We donate $10 EACH month to your Booster Club or Club team while you’re a member – Yup, each month!

Success Stories

Rebecca Reed – College Golfer

Jill Reed - Mom of College Golfer

Cameron Lopez - Junior College Golfer

You're also going to get access to these Amazing Bonuses!

Confidence Checklist for your Athlete (value $47)

This score sheet allows you to get an actual score how confident they are in their sport – Customizable to any sport
Comes with a short “How to Use Video.
A must for determining where your athlete is and where they want/need to grow!

Value = $47

Invite to a private masterclass within your first 57 days
How to Interview like a Pro in-person or Zoom with College Recruiters

This masterclass is amazing. Marketing secrets revealed as you learn how to interview like a pro – how to standout in everything you do. Templates for emails to coaches and thank you card templates.

Value = $147

How to sleep well anywhere – any time eBook and video series

If you or your child struggle to sleep well at home or struggle to sleep when on the road this eBook and video series will give you many ideas and options to improve your sleep naturally and have unstoppable energy.

Value = $197

Why SportsBrainGlobal Membership?

Are you ready to have the most fun you ever could imagine in teen sports?

Competition that brings more power, passion, pizzazz and peace than you ever imagined?

If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading…

You should give SBG Membership a shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:


You’re just getting started and have no clue how to get noticed by college recruiters.


You’ve been working to help your teen get out of their slump/negativity/funk/sadness/fear of making a mistake/fear of being benched or not starting mindset … and feel helpless.


You’re motivated to have a phenomenal resource at your fingertips that you could listen on the way to an event, secretly listen to during your kid’s practice, group listen over coffee and just about anywhere when you need an answer, pick me up motivation or sense of peace knowing others have been there too.


You’re excited to be a member of a group that supports your Booster Club/Club team.


You feel confident knowing you can cancel at any time with the click of one button and while being a member you NEVER will have a price increase.

Are you ready to help your teen start improving sports performance mentally and physically, be supported in reaching their college bound goals, and setting yourself, your teen and your family up for long term joy?

You now have the power to answer that question with total confidence. Because when you become an SBG member and you start putting the proven processes to work, your teen’s life will change forever, and so will yours.

If the answer is a solid ‘heck yeah, I’m ready to
into the SportsBrainGlobal membership,
then let’s get started!

Hey I'm KAZ...

After 36+ years coaching over 37,643 athletes, 7700+ privately coached athletes, 34 Olympians, 3 Olympic Teams, 1 Pan Pacific team, hundreds of collegiate athletes, dozens of Pro and Master athletes, I KNOW how to improve overall sports performance and bring more joy to you and your teen.

I also know how to get high school athletes noticed by college recruiters – helping my athletes get over $3.2 million dollars in scholarships and sponsorships! To me, joy and extreme self-confidence are the most powerful metrics you’ve got when it comes to measuring your success and your child’s success in their sport. Arriving there is a surprisingly simple process to get started, as is gaining momentum FAST. What we’ve learned these past few months is, sports as we knew it – will never be the same. High school athletes whose goals are playing collegiate sports, need a “NEW” playbook. The “NEW” normal is being developed daily. Let me help you and your teen athlete create a game plan of success for playing college bound sports.

Start Strong...
Finish Stronger

I truly believe that there’s never been a better (or more important) time for your teen to double down on improving their mindset, their brain to body connection and their commitment to excellence. There’s no doubt that the world is quickly changing. Programs are closing down; competitions are changing/being cancelled and more parents are looking for solutions to their most burning questions on navigating the future in their teen’s high school sports journey. Now you have the answers at your fingertips.

The SportsBrainGlobal membership is your new playbook. Ask questions, watch the videos, listen to the audio interviews, use the checklists/charts/pdfs/guides, make the recipes and share – the good and the “wish I had done this differently moments.”
Because that’s how we learn, grow, get better and champion a life that is full of purpose, power and passion.

And you will find the answers to …

  • “How does my teenager market themselves to college recruiters?”
  • “What’s the best brain snack my golfers can carry in 103° heat?”
  • “How do I get my son to believe in his magnificent talents?”

My goal for you and your teen athlete is…

You will use this membership to make the high school sporting years easier and more joyful.  Your teen competes better than ever before in their sport.  The journey is FUN, challenging and the lessons learned are for life.

The answers are there – inside the membership, so join our team now!  And remember to always … 

Dance like nobody’s watchin!


Burning Q’s
Your Fellow Parents Have Asked Before

As a member in good standing your monthly membership will never go up.

Probably – I love over-delivering – PLUS any course or digital product I sell will always have a discount for current members of SBG (SportsBrainGlobal)

Yes!  Yes, this is for beginners.  Yes, if your child is in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade they will get tons from the membership – as will you.  The more they put into practice the mental exercises and information given, the stronger they become.

That’s why I created sections that are easy to navigate – want just a recipe – pop into the Eating for Peak Performance Section, or get motivated for a few minutes – check out the motivational minutes section – or just search for something on self-esteem – type it into the search bar.  Videos are short, easy to listen to – and if you get into an interview that is long – just come back to it – we’ll remind you where you stopped.  I help you get started and I am always there to answer any questions you may have.

Super easy – simply go to your membership payment account and check the box that says stop membership.

Yes, if they want to excel in their sport and have an exceptional high school sporting career, they will gain so much for their sport and their future.

YAY!  In this membership, you pay for the family, not the number of people using it!  Great investment!

Not from me.  However, you may find with your child’s new winning attitude you may need to buy a new trophy case – (just kidding). 

We do not.  That information is readily accessible from their site and their representatives.

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